Delvina Solar

Delvina Solar, a startup project supported by Aksent, is focused on providing sustainable energy solutions through an electricity transmission unit of a Photovoltaic Park with an installed capacity of 100 MWp. Aksent has been deeply involved in the creation of Delvina Solar from the beginning, leveraging its high expertise in the energy sector to provide valuable insights and guidance


Monad is a startup architecture studio that Aksent has supported in their founding and development. They specialize in creating designs that not only look beautiful but also function effectively for their intended purpose. With expertise in various design disciplines, the team at Monad takes a multidisciplinary approach to every project they undertake. Their focus on […]

General Plus

General Plus is a company that specializes in selling products for various industries and has headquarters in Tirana and associates in Elbasan, Fier, Vlorë, and Gjirokastër, allowing them to cover the entire Republic of Albania. At Aksent, we are proud to have helped in the founding and growth of General Plus, being involved in every […]

OKSI International

Oksi International is a trusted provider of comprehensive oilfield services in the competitive and challenging oil industry market. They are committed to delivering high-quality services at competitive prices while maintaining a dedicated and experienced staff. They offer specialized expertise and a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies to provide reliable and effective solutions to their […]


Azar Luxury Suites Azar Luxury Suites is a testament to Aksent’s expertise in managing high-end hospitality projects. As a seaside hotel in Vlora, Albania, Azar Luxury Suites offers unparalleled luxury and comfort to its guests. Aksent was proud to have managed three critical aspects of the project, namely the construction works, brand creation and marketing, […]

ROKiT Albania

ROKiT in Albania We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ROKiT Albania, a company created by Aksent as a 49% shareholder and part of the renowned ROKiT group. As the official representative of ROKiT in Albania, we are excited to introduce their innovative products and services to the Balkan market. Develop a comprehensive branding […]