Awesome Facts About Female Entrepreneurs

1. Female entrepreneurs may hold the key to the future of our economy. According to 2012 Census data, female entrepreneurs own 36% of all businesses in the U.S. And that number seems to be steadily climbing – the number of women-owned businesses has increased by an enormous 30% since 2007.    

2. Female entrepreneurs have more options than ever before. Some experts posit that we are currently in the midst of the Golden Age for female entrepreneurs.

3. Being a female entrepreneur leads to higher life satisfaction. According to Inc. “Women entrepreneurs in the United States rank their happiness at nearly three times that of women who are not entrepreneurs or established business owners.”

4. Most of the richest businesswomen in the country founded their own companies. Many of the richest female entrepreneurs created their own wealth.

 5. Women-led technology companies are more capital efficient. Female entrepreneurs have proven that they are world-class financial managers and CEOs (as if there were any doubt!). Data has demonstrated that female-led technology corporations are more capital efficient – achieving up “35 percent higher return on investment.”
6. Female entrepreneurs rank higher on several elements of leadership. Female entrepreneurs have demonstrated that they can not only handle the spotlight, but that they excel in leadership roles.

7. Female entrepreneurs are making strides in healthcare. Healthcare is a booming field and female entrepreneurs are dominating it. Over the past ten years, the number of female entrepreneur-owned healthcare companies has almost tripled.