Welcome to Aksent Business Consulting

Our mission

Our mission is to provide thorough and comprehensive business solutions that address our clients' needs and goals. At Aksent, we believe in providing a range of options to our clients that strategically address issues, build trust, and ensure long-term sustainable relationships. We uphold the values of professionalism, integrity, excellence, and openness in all of our interactions and services.

Our team
is constantly
evolving and

Our team is constantly evolving and training using the latest technologies and techniques to provide innovative solutions for our clients. We offer personalized services that are tailored to our clients’ needs and measured by real goals and objectives.

Our founders have vast experience and know-how in company and project management, having directed and managed medium companies and large corporates with over 2,000 employees.

We have worked with local institutions as well as with projects funded by the European Union, World Bank, Swiss Cooperation, Austrian Government, KfW, and other organizations.

Cost-Effective Smart

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective smart solutions for our clients while also availing ourselves of the support of our international network partners and consultants in different European countries. Our company strives to build competitive advantages to generate superior long-term returns, and we gladly provide our clients with the keys to achieving their goals and becoming successful members of the business environment.

Aksent offers a range of services to our clients

Aksent offers a range of services to our clients, including lobbying services, government relations, business development, strategic communications, online media and marketing, campaigns and elections, restructuring, and more.

We combine in-house staff expertise with external experts to produce innovative strategies for each project.

Our partners from all over Europe provide a high level of expertise to major companies, and we have built a substantial network of collaborators that offer international expertise and know-how.