ROKiT in Albania

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ROKiT Albania, a company created by Aksent as a 49% shareholder and part of the renowned ROKiT group. As the official representative of ROKiT in Albania, we are excited to introduce their innovative products and services to the Balkan market.

Develop a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy

At Aksent, we are honored to have collaborated with ROKiT to bring their vision of “compassionate capitalism” to life in Albania. Our team worked closely with ROKiT to develop a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that showcased their commitment to providing premium yet affordable products and services. Our goal was to ensure that ROKiT’s message of compassion and innovation resonated with the people of Albania and the Balkans.


Our partnership with ROKiT has been a success and we have had the opportunity to implement the ROKiT Cities project, providing high-speed WiFi internet in key areas of cities throughout Albania. This project demonstrates ROKiT’s dedication to improving the lives of people in the region by providing access to innovative services and technology. We believe that ROKiT’s innovative and rebellious approach to business can make a real difference in people’s lives, and we are proud to be a part of this mission. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ROKiT to bring innovative products and services to the region. #WeAreROKiT