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Established in 2019, Aksent Law & Business Consulting is a prominent consultancy company headquartered in Albania. Renowned for our expertise in consulting, social impact initiatives, capacity building, and management services, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions marked by transparency, professionalism, and steadfast ethical principles. Our core areas of specialization encompass Business Management, Public Policy, Tourism, Capacity Development, and Energy and Environment.

a leading law consulting agency in Albania

Aksent Law & Business Consulting ranks among the top 10 leading firms in the Albanian legal services market, recognized for our dedication to excellence and ensuring satisfaction. We prioritize ongoing evolution, training, and the adoption of advanced technologies and methodologies to provide innovative solutions. Our offerings are tailored to address individual needs and evaluated based on tangible goals and objectives.


With vast experience in company and project management, our founders have successfully led enterprises ranging from medium-sized firms to corporations with over 2,000 employees. They have spearheaded projects funded by esteemed international entities like the European Union, World Bank, EBRD, and others. Leveraging partnerships with external experts, we customize strategies to meet the distinct requirements of each project, solidifying our reputation as the partner of choice for various entities across the Western Balkans and Europe.

Providing comprehensive solutions that improve clients outcomes

Our main areas of Expertise

At Aksent, we specialize in Renewable Energy Consulting, with a strong track record in supporting photovoltaic applications and processes. Our expertise includes regulatory compliance, project management, and strategic guidance for sustainable energy initiatives.

Aksent Law and Business Consulting provides a broad spectrum of expertise for both local and international businesses and corporations across various
sectors. Our core team brings extensive experience from top management positions in large corporations across diverse industries. We have a proven
track record of delivering successful consultancy services to both foreign and national companies.

Aksent Law and Business Consulting utilizes its know-how and experience in environmental architecture for industrial companies and medium-scale businesses to provide feasible solutions for our clients.
Our urban planning experts provide a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our team of experts possesses experience in shaping public policies and navigating them through government and legislative processes. We are experienced in providing counsel that leads to policy initiatives, strategic planning, and informed resource allocation decisions.

Our deep knowledge of the Albanian local context and the know how our experts make Aksent a partner of choice for companies that require land management and cadaster services. Our experts will devise tailored strategies, conduct rigorous feasibility studies, and execute meticulous portfolio risk assessments to optimize the value of your assets.

Aksent Law and Business Consulting offers tailored financial, tax, and audit consulting for medium-sized businesses and corporations. Our experts advise on regulatory compliance, financial optimization, and strategic decision-making, including tax services like compliance, transfer pricing, and dispute resolution across various industries.

Our tailored solutions for Human Capital Development encompass talent acquisition, training, leadership development, and performance management. Our new service includes “Staff leasing” of temporary and permanent staff. This flexible business model allows high confidentiality and very cost effective.

Aksent specializes in Telecommunication consultancy, offering expertise in regulatory compliance, network planning, technology strategy, market analysis, revenue assurance, customer experience management, infrastructure investment, and regulatory advocacy. Our tailored solutions empower clients to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in the telecommunications industry.

When it comes to Oil and Gas, Aksent is the most specialized company in Albania. Our founders and key experts come from a direct background in the field of oil and gas, having worked for more than 10 years in key public and private oil companies.

We have a successful track record on working with arbitration processes; dealing with Petroleum Agreement and Licence Agreement; Environmental issues; Local and National Taxes; Technical solutions and many more.

We help businesses create and execute effective plans aligned with their goals. Our expertise ensures your strategies lead to success and competitive advantage. Our experts will navigate your business through the maze of challenges, crafting bespoke strategies, conducting exhaustive market analyses, and effecting transformative company restructuring to propel your enterprise towards enduring success.

We help businesses to simplify their permitting processes identifying application requirements, timelines, and necessary documentation and providing legal analysis support for permitting processes. Our experts will follow your application in all stages and prepare the necessary documentation in order to make your processes run smoothly.

Marketing, Communication and Public Relations are one of our strongest points. Our team of experts has more than 20 years of experience in managing 360-degree campaigns for local and international institutions and companies. For our full range of services visit our Marketing and Communication section.

With a background rooted in common law and a profound understanding of the Albanian civil law system, our team of legal experts offers a sophisticated blend of legal knowledge crafted to address the requirements of international investors seeking opportunities in Albania and beyond.

At Aksent, we recognize the importance of handling employment law matters with skill and sensitivity. Our experienced employment team has a strong track record in providing comprehensive advice and representation on a variety of complex legal issues.

From negotiating executive employment contracts to offering strategic legal support throughout employment terms, safeguarding employee entitlements, and resolving dismissals, we ensure effective and fair outcomes for all parties involved.

In times of financial turbulence, trust in our seasoned expertise to guide you to calmer waters. From the meticulous stabilization of cash flows to the expert testimony that underpins restructuring efforts, we are the guardians of your financial stability.

Precision meets proficiency in our client accounting services. Entrust us with the meticulous management of your finances, and we will tailor bespoke solutions to streamline operations and drive success.

Aksent team is experienced in working with Local Government Units in the
fields of capacity development, policy advice and analysis. We have a successful track record in working with international donors such as EBRD and the biggest municipalities in Albania such as Tirana, Vlora and Fieri.

Our Clients


We have a rich history of successful collaborations with a diverse range of partners, including national and international companies, organizations, and state entities. AKSENT has been a trusted partner in numerous projects, contributing strategic insights and expertise across various sectors.

We are proud to have been partnering with Bankers Petroleum Albania, Anio Oil&Gas, VIBTIS, OttoSuNove, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Albanian Postal Service (Posta Shqiptare), Financial Supervisory Authority (AMF), ROKiT Group, and many others.

Our Clients

Our Clients