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Aksent Law & Business Consulting stands among top 10 leading firms in the Albanian legal services market, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Established in 2019 in Albania, our firm boasts a robust network spanning across the Western Balkans and Europe, positioning us as a trusted advisor for both local enterprises and international corporations.

Specializing in high-level expertise, we provide comprehensive Law and Business consulting services, delivering personalized solutions with transparency, professionalism, and unwavering ethical standards


At Aksent, we prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our team of experienced partners and attorneys offers attentive, individualized attention, guiding clients through every step of their journey with proactive counsel and open lines of communication.

By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, we empower our clients to reach new heights and achieve their business objectives.

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Our team specializes in arbitration matters before international and domestic courts of arbitration, addressing complex commercial and public international law disputes.

We provide effective representation in disputes ranging from privatization procedures to corporate issues and have in-depth knowledge of various arbitration procedural rules.

Additionally, our legal team also regularly assists clients in arbitration-related litigation suchas setting aside proceedings or recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. 

Our lawyers, in consortium with prime-tier international law firms, have represented either the Albanian State or foreign investors in several such international disputes.

We offer comprehensive legal support in all aspects of employment law, including hiring and termination of employment, discrimination and harassment, performance appraisals, remuneration and benefits, to union issues and collective bargaining agreements, transfer of undertakings, immigration matters, cross-border secondments, etc.

Our team provides strategic advice and representation in labor-related disputes, ensuring compliance with labor laws and protecting the rights of employers and employees.

We offer specialized legal services in the field of data privacy, assisting clients in navigating complex data privacy regulations and compliance requirements.

Our experienced team provides strategic advice and practical solutions to protect clients' interests.

At Aksent, we offer a full suite of corporate legal services, covering most aspects of domestic and international business operations and transactions. We advise on corporate oriented services such as investments, restructuring, human resources, tailored corporate governance, and handling legal incidents in relation thereto.

Our lawyers are specialized in setting up domestic and international greenfield investments, joint ventures, and complex acquisition models across various industries. Additionally, we counsel businesses on ongoing relations with customers, suppliers, and distributors, covering areas such as banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions.

Aksent covers various tax issues raised in domestic and international projects, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, turn-key projects, real estate transactions, financings, international capital markets transactions, restructuring and bankruptcies, etc.

Our experienced tax team provides strategic advice tailored to each client's specific needs, ensuring compliance with tax laws and optimizing tax efficiency.

Aksent offers strategic legal assistance in structuring and implementing complex projects based on PPP or other structures. Our lawyers have significant experience representing leading project sponsors, lenders, and public sector entities in project regarding finance, concessions, and public procurement.

Aksent has a well-established and leading public procurement practice with its team possessing extended knowledge and experience of public procurement law and practice.

Aksent advises clients on electronic communications-related transactions and projects, including regulatory matters and equipment acquisitions.

Our team assists clients in navigating the regulatory landscape and addressing specific issues related to the electronic communications sector, such as provision of fixed and mobile telephone services, satellite services, Internet services, leased lines, data transmission services, numbering and frequency licenses, as well as the sale, purchase, and lease of electronic ommunications networks and equipment

We provide comprehensive legal support across all aspects of construction and engineering projects, including residential, commercial, retail, hotel, and leisure developments, as well as projects in the health and education sectors and infrastructure projects.

Aksent provides expert legal advice on all aspects of competition law, including antitrust cases and domestic and cross-border transactions. Our team specializes in competition compliance, helping clients prevent breaches of competition law and navigate complex
competition issues.

Our intellectual property team specializes in assisting clients with a wide range of intellectual property matters, including enforcement of intellectual property rights and registration and enforcement of industrial property rights.

We provide strategic advice to protect client’s intellectual property rights.

Our attorneys advise clients on obtaining environmental permits and authorizations for projects in various sectors, including energy, oil&gas, mining, construction and manufacturing.

We provide strategic guidance to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and mitigate environmental risks.

Our primary goal is to help clients to avoid litigation where possible, but when litigation is necessary, we focus on achieving the objectives while managing risks.

Our team covers a range of civil judicial review matters and employs strategic negotiation tactics and settlement approaches to resolve disputes effectively and definitively.

Aksent has extensive experience in administrative disputes, including challenges against administrative decisions and the conduct of administrative authorities or their lack of response to requests made by private parties.

Our team provides assistance and
representation in all procedural stages of administrative litigation, particularly in tax law, environmental law, competition law, and public procurement.

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Aksent advises clients on a wide range of M&A transactions and spin-off operations using a variety of customized structures. Our experienced team provides comprehensive legal support, covering all aspects of M&A transactions and bid and tender preparation including financing, and regulatory matters.

Aksent provides comprehensive legal support across all aspects of real estate transactions, including acquisition, project finance, leasing matters and also development construction and investment.
Our team has a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of urban planning regulations and is able to provide integrated services, including advice on licensing and building permit, environmental issues, as well as corporate and tax structuring.
Aksent advises clients on commercial, office, industrial, and residential properties, representing owners, lenders, landlords, and tenants in real estate transactions or other complex real estate matters including a variety of real estate related litigation.

Our litigation department provides expert assistance in insolvency and bankruptcy procedures, including debt recovery and liquidation. We offer strategic advice and
representation to creditors and debtors, ensuring effective resolution of insolvency-related matters.


A leading Energy Law Firm in Albania

At Aksent Law & Business Consulting, we excel in Energy & Resources, boasting distinguished expertise in the Renewable Energy Industry.

Our hands-on experience in both state-owned and private companies provides invaluable insights and tailored solutions.


At Aksent Law & Business Consulting, our strongest expertise lies on the Oil & Gas Industry,
where we excel as one of the leading Law and Consultancy firms in Albania.
During the years we have successfully represented the biggest Oil &Gas companies.

Our specialized focus on the oil and gas industry allows us to provide outstanding services to the needs of large international corporations, governmental bodies, and oil companies operating in Albania and the region.

We are the only law firm in Albania specialized on the complexities of Petroleum Sharing Agreements (PSAs) and other petroleum agreements, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive legal solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

What sets us apart is our team of professionals who possess both legal acumen and technical expertise in the oil and gas domain.

Many of our team members have previously worked many years in leading position in the biggest oil and gas companies in Albania, hence gaining invaluable insights into the industry's intricacies from both legal and technical perspectives.

By combining our in-depth understanding of the industry's technical and legal aspects with our proficiency in Law, we are uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled services to oil and gas companies.

Whether it's advising on regulatory compliance, negotiating agreements, or resolving disputes, our comprehensive approach ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of legal representation tailored to the nuances of the oil and gas sector.


We have a rich history of successful collaborations with a diverse range of partners, including national and international companies, organizations, and state entities. Aksent has been a trusted partner in numerous projects, contributing strategic insights and expertise across various sectors.

With a proven track record in the legal field, we established strong and mutually beneficial
partnerships with important national and international entities. Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and tailored solutions has positioned us as a reliable collaborator,
fostering success in every endeavor.